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杨玉琪 yangyuqi

5 August
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  • yangyuqi@livejournal.com
Yang Yuqi Fellow Profile:
Center for Lifelong American Academy of ABI World Celebrity
U.S. Ruien Si Graduate Instructor
Concordia University Distinguished Professor of American MBA graduate tutors
Cambridge, UK, Institute of Life Fellowship World Celebrity
Concordia College Academic Committee, Singapore
President of the International Association of Chinese Artists
Yang Yuqi Academy of Fine Arts in Canada
Y & J International Culture Group Chairman
M & Y Meyer, chairman of the International Investment Group
Ontario - Executive Vice President of Jiangsu Friendship Association
Overseas Development Institute in Jiangsu Province Head of Advisory Panel

Yang Yuqi Fellow Honors:
Load "Dictionary of Contemporary country artist" Zhejiang People's Publishing House
Load the "World List of outstanding figures" (USA) 1997
Load "Who in the World" (UK) 1997
Loading "world famous Dictionary" (UK) 1997
Load "record achievements of world leaders" (UK) 1999
ABI won the Lifetime Achievement Award (USA) 1998
Won the Canada Day Award (Canada) 1991
Won the "top 500 world famous Gold" (U.S., UK) 1997
Man of the World won the gold medal (UK) 1997
Outstanding figures of the 20th century won the gold medal (UK) 1999
Won the gold medal World Masters (UK) 1997
Won the gold medal World Hall of Fame (UK) 1999
Won the gold medal the world elite (USA) 1999

Yang Yuqi Academy Publications:
"Art and Design," won the National Prize for popular science writing
"Yang Yuqi Paintings" (a) Daily Press
"Yang Yuqi Paintings" (b) Qingdao Press, 1997
Screenplay "morning dew" approved by the National Film Board
"Yang Yuqi alternative strategy" Shenyang Press, 2003
"Alternative thinking" Chongqing Press, 2003
"Happy Yunlong Tower World" 1999
"Cultural and Creative Thinking" 2006
"Cultural footprint of history echo" 2007
Full-length biography of the "eternal temptation" Chen Zufen book 1989
Full-length biography, "Love in Toronto," Chen Zufen book 1998